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Lusotec is a company in the civil construction field, specializing in exterior and interior painting, as well as finishing works, such as cabinets and fittings, and also offering blasting services. Within our business areas, we embrace the latest technology and use the best materials available in the market, allowing us to deliver outstanding services. We strongly believe that attention to detail makes all the difference in our work, and thus, we strive to provide thorough, clean, and meticulous services.

Lusotec heavily invests in the training of its professionals and cutting-edge technology across its business areas. These factors, along with our passion for civil construction and commitment to both employees and customers, coupled with our aspiration to be among the best in the market, have enabled Lusotec's sustainable growth without compromising the quality of service in various fields.

Our primary objective is to satisfy our customers and partners by delivering a clean and rigorous service, while meeting the expected deadlines. We proudly serve Bucks County, Philadelphia, and Montgomery PA.

Lusotec INC

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We are friends of the environment! Our methods are eco-friendly and affordable: we use recyclable glass to carry out the glass bead blasting service. Since the glass beads are lead-free and do not produce dust containing silica, bead blasting is the perfect alternative abrasive blasting technique that can be used on environmentally-sensitive areas.

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Excellent Professionals

When it comes to Abrasive Blasting Services, with 10 years of experience, Lusotec will provide an experienced, safe, and efficient abrasive blasting team that will successfully meet your needs.

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Respecting deadlines

We respect the needs and expectations of each client. Therefore, we value strict compliance with the deadlines provided for in our projects, delivering the best results within the stipulated timeframe.

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Transform - renew - revitalize

Cleaning with abrasive blasting is one of the most effective ways to revitalize a surface, contributing to a longer life of equipment, parts, and structures. The abrasive blasting service will solve your problems in a fast and innovative way!

Abrasive Blasting
Glass Bead Blasting

Our abrasive blasting methods safely remove paints, rust, oils, and other substances from various metal surfaces. This is an extremely quick way to clean any material without causing damage. Lusotec is a company that carries out the entire abrasive blasting process, performing a quality procedure that guarantees all surfaces are always in perfect condition, developing projects with an innovative vision. Lusotec's professionals can quickly reach every inch of the material surface, even corners and intricate designs. We recommend blasting cleaning because it can effectively remove contaminants from metal surfaces without damaging the underlying metal.

Glass bead blasting uses 100% recycled glass beads and is considered eco and health-friendly as it eliminates the presence of airborne carcinogens. It is non-toxic and non-hazardous. Glass bead blasting is an absolutely effective method for cleaning surfaces, capable of removing layers of impurities such as dust, casting shells, oxidized regions, and aged paints. Glass bead blasting is one of the most popular and effective means of steel and metal cleaning. It is the advisable way to remove surface rust and to create a smooth surface finish. Glass bead blasting permits a powerful, meticulous clean without inflicting any damage to your surface.

Sandblasting can remove paint, rust, and oxidation residue from materials quickly and efficiently. Sandblasting can also be used to change the condition of a metal's surface, such as through removing scratches or casting marks. Our blasting services are capable of cleaning and revitalizing any surface effectively and safely, delivering incredible high-quality results. Sandblasting is a very versatile, soft abrasive, organic, and biodegradable. It is best used in stripping and cleaning delicate surfaces and parts, removing rust from metals without causing depressions or damaging the metal beneath the rough surface.

Spray Painting is a painting technique that brings amazing and fast results. It is mainly used in construction to cover large surfaces, providing professional results and uniform layers of paint. We perform spray painting to achieve impressive results. Only qualified professionals and experts in the techniques can perform spray painting to perfection. Therefore, choosing an experienced company makes all the difference. Lusotec has been improving these techniques for years. Serving Bucks County, Philadelphia, and Montgomery PA. Lusotec complies with all current regulations and has a technical team specialized in offering the best solutions to increase the useful life of heritage.

Get your surfaces clean and shiny

Abrasive blasting is a process used to finish, clean, or prepare metals and other materials by utilizing various media in blasting machines. There are various types of abrasive blasting, including sandblasting, glass bead blasting, and much more. Each of these different abrasive blasting methods typically employs a specific type of media to achieve the desired results, which is why it's essential to determine the correct technique to use. The blasting process involves propelling high-speed streams of abrasive blasting media at a surface to remove debris such as rust or other types of residual contaminants and scale.

Lusotec's main goal is to be the go-to company for all of your abrasive blasting needs. Our experts are skilled and fully comprehend all aspects of media blasting. We know the proper media to use to get the job done right, as expected. With over 10 years of experience, our qualified crews have the expertise and knowledge to provide any type of abrasive blasting or sandblasting services required by a client. Serving Bucks County, Philadelphia, and Montgomery PA.

Lusotec is a company in the field of civil construction that specializes in abrasive blasting services, surface preparation, and painting. Lusotec revitalizes surfaces, contributing to a longer lifespan of parts, equipment, and structures. We deliver the best results in the abrasive blasting service.

Our Services Includes:

  • Abrasive Blasting Services
  • Glass Bead Blasting
  • Sandblasting Services
  • Surface Preparation
  • Painting Services

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