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Abrasive Blasting

The method of abrasive blasting became popular in the 20th century when the US Navy concluded that a ship's paint had much greater durability if the surface was previously blasted with abrasives. To date, abrasive blasting is considered the most efficient method to promote surface cleaning and has been widely used in different types of industries to treat metals, ceramics, concrete, and other materials.

Abrasive blasting promotes the removal of the oxide layer and other substances deposited on the surface, using abrasives projected at high pressures. This type of cleaning is recommended because it is highly efficient and leaves an excellent surface roughness for good paint adhesion. The better the degree of cleaning and the higher the roughness profile, the greater the adhesion of the paints and the better the performance and durability of the paint system.

Basically, we can summarize sandblasting as a traditional and efficient process of cleaning surfaces for revitalization and adhesion of coatings. This procedure is essential, as proper abrasive blasting promotes the durability of structures, equipment, and parts.

Abrasive blasting with glass bead is such a powerful technique that it is fascinating. It is a modern and efficient cleaning process. The perfection of the results obtained in the cleaning of surfaces is fantastic, and above all, it is a process that, due to its speed and efficiency, is practically unbeatable in terms of economy.

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